Things to know before Branding your Business

Are you thinking about starting the branding process? Not quite sure who to talk to or where to turn? Overwhelmed with options? I get it! Every entrepreneur wants the best for their business. As a designer, I’ve got some tips to help prepare your business to be professionally branded!

First off, how do you know when it’s time to be professionally branded?

Your business is growing and you need a more professional, put together look that accurately depicts your business! Maybe you already have a logo but you have fallen out of love with it. Maybe your DIY job just isn’t cutting it anymore.

If your business doesn’t have defined design guidelines such as a logo, typography, colors, tagline, or a brand voice (or maybe they’re too vague) it’s definitely time to consider diving in to the design process.

What should you know about your business before getting started?

Know your basic design style, including what you like and dislike, when it comes to colors, fonts, other logos, etc. Try to narrow it down a bit. One thing that really helped me to do this is to think of my brand, KambreeDesign, as a person. How does she dress? What are her favorite colors? What is her look? This person is approachable, authentic, and classy but comfortable. She has a simple, beautiful design style that’s just a touch of feminine. Her favorite color is purple (of course!) but she likes neutrals and deep blacks and browns. See how that little exercise helps to define and narrow your brand? Put together a Pinterest board to visually collect and narrow down these ideas before starting the design process.

How should you choose a graphic designer?

Find a designer who’s portfolio matches the style you’re going for! I understand that my work may not be for everyone, and that’s okay! Hire a designer because you LOVE their work, style, and ethics.

When reaching out to prospective designers, be sure to know your budget and timeline for the project. When clients are clear with these details up front, it helps me put together pricing options that are right for them instead of shooting in the dark with one-size-fits-all design packages.

How can you help me?

I start the design process with my Creative Brief, a set of questions that I put together to help clients set goals and determine the design style for their new brand. This will help me, as the designer, do my best work for you! We will uncover a lot of the above points during this step in the design process. However, it’s always so helpful to come prepared! Some of these questions include:

Who are your competitors? And no, I’m not saying to compare yourself to your competitors. Who are these businesses? How do they market themselves? Most importantly, what makes you unique?

What are 3+ adjectives that describe your business? This gives us a clear direction not only for the design, but for social media posts, ideal customer, and can even help you come up with a slogan/motto for your biz!

Describe your vision/goals for your newly designed brand. How do you want your customers to feel when they see the design? How would you like the new design to help grow your business?

Going to the future of your business…

Have clear on your businesses goals and know where you want to take your brand in the future! Do you have a mission statement? Make sure it’s written down. Do you know what you want this design to accomplish? Who is your ideal customer that would be purchasing from this brand? Knowing these things can help you give the best possible feedback to your designer once the process has started.

I hope this bit of info was helpful to those who are looking to brand themselves in the future. Please reach out if you’re interested in working together!


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