Client Spotlight: Balance Studio

It’s time to share a new brand design for Balance Studio in Alpine, Utah! Balance is a dance, meditation, and yoga studio aiming to keep family life “balanced!” This is a huge distinguishing factor, since so many dance studios these days focus so hard on competitions and take up a lot of time and resources. I also love their goal of making sure every dancer has a turn in the spotlight!

After 18 years in a basement studio, Balance got a new location and a new look that I had the privilege of being a part of. Check out that old building! #hearteyes It was originally a gas station that was converted in to an art gallery and will soon be finished into the new studio. Paula wanted a look that was more grown up, peaceful, and included elements of nature. She also loves forest green and wanted that incorporated for sure! Since the studio’s name is Balance, I made sure the end result was balanced and symmetrical. I also considered the long sign on top of the new building and was sure to put together a version of the logo that would fit in the existing space.

Read on to see the finished design!


Balance Studio Building: Before


Step one is always nailing down the color scheme! As I mentioned above, an earthy scheme with forest green was the goal.

Here are the three logo options that I put together in the first draft! Which would you choose?

The winning design was a combination of option 1’s typography and option 3’s mandala. Check out the final design below!


Find more here: and on Instagram @balancedancestudio

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